On January 19, 2013, our beloved Ben became an angel.

Ben's Legacy

Benjamin Kiel Busby-Collins was a complex man with his share of gifts and flaws, but those that knew him never doubted the goodness within his heart. He spent a good deal of time searching for his place in this world. Throughout his journey be became a husband, a father, he was a son, a brother and loyal friend. He was known for his generosity, wicked sense of humor and his ability to always surprise you. He had strong beliefs in fairness and equality and felt great joy in taking the road less traveled. He was a dreamer and builder of empires great and small. He possessed just the right amount of stubbornness  ingenuity  passion and creativity to be successful at anything he put his mind to. 

His most notable endeavor was Ballard Organics, a company born of a hobby that became a highly respected and successful local business. He used the opportunities this afforded to build a strong community, educate those around him, and help those in need. Ben regularly donated his time (and occasionally his upper lip) to local charities and shared his talent and energy to help the animals, the environment, and those less fortunate. Ben Busby-Collins was a man who loved deeply, laughed often, and sang & danced with much enthusiasm. 

His passing serves to remind us all that though we may live with sadness in our hearts, we may never know how many lives we touch, and should strive to cherish the time we have on earth with those we love. May his light forever be in our hearts.

I will love you forever,


The Ballard Blog wrote a nice piece about Ben. It can be viewed by CLICKING HERE